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Human beings have been at war with themselves for thousands of years. At Mind Muzic, we have several lessons you can integrate with your own when teaching about the major wars. These songs cover different battles, dates, and figures using fun and insightful raps that your students will love listening to beyond their underlying textbooks.

Vietnam War 1955 - 1975

Studying War Timelines

Wars have shaped every country’s social and economic status for over 400 years now. One important benefit of studying the chronology of war is that it accurately illustrates the causes and effects. Our War Timeline contains several battles (War of 1812, the Korean War, Vietnam) that, although significant, are not universally covered in great detail. Teachers can use this rap timeline to initiate classroom discussions and spark new interest in these lesser-known conflicts. 

Understanding the Reasons

Did you know the Mexican-Amercian War lasted only a year, whereas the American – Indian Wars waged on for over three centuries!? Even today, different people throughout the world are constantly fighting over political, social, religious, economic, and military causes.  The French Revolution lesson will have your students singing about King Louis XVI and how different government strategies, or lack of, can bring about war in a nation.   When Paul Revere warned the American colonists about the British invasion back in 1775, he rode 12 miles to the beat of his horse. Now your class can rap the Revolutionary War to the beat of Mind Muzic! 


Music for the World Wars

World War I and World War II are hands down the most famous wars people everywhere study in class or at home today.  These epic battles involved several different nations and have had long-lasting effects on the current state of the world.  At the end of the First World War, America declared itself a superpower and ended a conflict amongst several European nations. Then after the horrific mass genocide of the Holocaust, American manufacturing and British technology helped lead the way for an Allies victory over the Axis.  The amount of facts and fine points involved in telling these stories can normally be quite overwhelming – but not for Mind Muzic. We’ve packed each hip-hop track and hired actors to portray different historical characters to instantly recreate your classroom’s learning experience!  


Evaluate the Consequences of War

Unfortunately, every war in the history of mankind has had its victims, both on and off the battlefield. The Gulf War witnessed a smaller 25,000 casualties, while a staggering 70 million fell at the end of World War II!  On a positive note, there have been some historic upsides to wartime. As a result of the Civil War, the Northern Union states emerged victorious to free 4 million slaves aided by Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. When you create discussions around Mind Muzic lessons, students that form their own opinion will increase their classroom participation as well. 

Using Mind Muzic for War Lessons

The subject of war is always an interesting subject albeit a difficult one to teach. Why not boost engagement by introducing hip-hop music to your current lessons? As you navigate through Mind Muzic’s war songs, you can challenge your class to learn more fascinating facts that they can study and recall for future quizzes and group assignments.  Sign-up for our 30-Day FREE trial and enjoy over 150 songs, lyrics, and quizzes today! 



Each lesson includes a Song, Lyric Sheet, Instrumental & Quiz! 

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