Mind Muzic Works!

Nick Cannon (Actor/Activist)

“Mind Muzic is a genius solution to the widespread problem learners have of retaining information. By engaging students with songs, they can retain info on any subject. This is incredible!”


Mr. Fry (History Teacher)

“Mind Muzic is great to teach the history of wars. The students learn it so fast by just listening!.”


Al Cortes (Assistant Superintendent)

“When I was first introduced to Mind Muzic, I knew it was going to be a wonderful way to improve our schools in Los Angeles.


Ms. Rene (History Teacher)

“My students always request Mind Muzic at the start of class. It gets my students ready & excited to start their day!


Steve Zimmer (Former LAUSD Board Member)

“We need ideas like Mind Muzic. This is one of the best supplemental learning tools I’ve ever seen. This approach to teaching makes learning exciting!


Beyond the Bell (Paramount Studios)

“The moment we heard the answers to the test in the song – we were hooked on Mind Muzic songs!”


Ms. Hutton (High School Teacher)

“Mind Muzic is creative and stimulating for students of all ages. I share it with all my students and they use it daily.”


Ms. Justice (Pre-School Teacher)

“I use Mind Muzic everyday because it creates such an exciting environment for learning, playing and dancing!”



Our mission is to motivate and educate students to learn school lesson plans though music while effectively increasing overall student retention, grades and classroom participation.