Many students find science class to be their most fascinating part of school. Photosynthesis, electricity, and our solar system are exciting subjects that allow them to study natural things and observe patterns of behavior.  Mind Muzic’s artists understand the value of a well-rounded education and have created raps that cover a healthy variety of science topics from matter to chemical bonds, depending on the grade level of each student. With giant inspirations and several years of study, prepared and dedicated young learners can end up being important contributors to the world of science themselves. 

Exploring the Different Areas of Science

Using our music, you can develop your students’ interest in basic topics such as atoms and molecules,  layers of the Earth, and rock types. The information they learn here will help build on their knowledge before they can tackle more curious and complicated lessons like the properties of gases, cell biology, and plant cell structure.

Identifying the Body Systems

The body contains complex systems that perform highly involved functions. These fascinating systems keep us healthy and alive by utilizing a combination of voluntary and involuntary responses. To complement your lessons, our hip-hop music will explain difficult topics such as the skeletal structure and organs, the reproduction processes, and the three-body systems. After studying these songs, your children or students will possess a greater understanding of how their bodies carry out numerous responsibilities. 

Music Samples


Learning Laws and Properties

Everything that can be studied, observed, and calculated in science class has a set of laws. Acids and bases or gases have a component that contains a unique set of properties. With hip-hop, students will study the importance of these laws as learned through Mind Muzic’s catchy lyrics. As a teacher, you will also increase classroom engagement by utilizing more relatable science material.

Encouraging Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is a serious part of the learning process. Students need to understand its personal significance and how it impacts the lives of the people around them. Mind Muzic’s Science lesson comes equipped with a social mental health rap song to create a discussion on this very sensitive subject matter. With the proper review, young learners can recognize when their mental health may be in jeopardy or determine how to properly deal with friends and family who may have similar conditions.


Make Science an Enjoyable Experience

Just like listening to their favorite songs, students will resonate with your teachings when you incorporate music into their learning journey. When your students sing along with the periodic table, ecosystems, and physics, they are combining this new resource with their previous knowledge. At Mind Muzic, we blend exceptional songwriting with educational facts that will entertain, engage, and expand students’ creative environment.


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