Play is an important part of any young person’s learning activity. Children need enough playtime in-between different lessons to exercise and discover their surroundings. A Play & Learn session is a great opportunity to extend this teaching inside a group classroom or individually at home. With fun, fun songs such as Let’s Go to the Zoo and It’s a Party!, children can let their imaginations run wild bouncing to the beat of each tune!

Learning About Themselves

Through music, your students will build awareness and value by identifying their body parts and the importance of each one. With Warm-Up and Body Parts, your students will exercise and understand how each individual part relates to the rest of them as a whole. At Mind Muzic, we have also included a cool-down session that allows your students the time to transition from play activities to a more relaxed environment.

Music Samples

Help Students Discover The World Around Them

Children have a lot of new and important information to learn in their formative years. Through Play & Learn, they will get the opportunity to study the world around them. Shapes and Colors help your students contextualize and express themselves by relating to familiar items they encounter every day.  Listening to Compare and Contrast, kids will find commonalities and differences in various shapes, sizes, and colors. At Mind Muzic, we have made it as easy as 3-2-1  to integrate our music into your pre-planned lessons.

Build a Foundation for Responsible Adults

Students will learn how to communicate with each other and their elders by listening to and applying the Good Manners lesson.  Solidifying a strong foundation at an early age is ideal in turning responsible children into responsible adults.

Higher Learning

Everything your child or student will learn at this primitive level will prepare them for advanced classes. We have made this process easier by including simple lessons such as Addition and Subtraction, Consonants and Vowels, Nouns and Verbs, and many more. The math will help focus their brains on solving simple problems around them while the English lessons will help nurture them through self-expression. 

Explore Different Careers

It is never too early to introduce your students to a possible future career. Still, career preparation can be difficult when you are dealing with young children. At Mind Muzic, however, we have made the process highly entertaining by detailing the importance of several careers through music.  Our Career Day lesson will encourage students to understand the fundamentals of different professions and the significant impact they have made on our society.

Muzic for Productivity

Teaching is an important vocational venture that can transform a student’s life. Almost all of the progress visible in the world as an adult was due to an influence by a teacher at a young age. At Mind Muzic, we believe that every student will learn at their own pace. We also understand that music can play an important role in instructing young minds. That is why we work with talented musicians to help teachers and parents make every Play & Learn lesson both enjoyable and productive. Join our community with a FREE 30-day trial!

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