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America, like the rest of the world, has a rich and deep history that continues to guide the present and influence the future. In school, history lessons are introduced to students to form a better understanding of the world in which they live. By exploring the American journey since before its independence, your students will gain a sense of belonging and pride. At Mind Muzic, we have made our historical lessons fun and entertaining using hip-hop lyrics to express each narrative. 


Understanding How Society Works

We use varied protocols, special rights, and strategic processes to create organized systems in our society. Our songs will encourage your students to understand local civil rights such as voting and national rights such as the right to bear arms. By complementing your lessons with rap music, you will have the opportunity to help your students quickly understand complex subjects such as: how a bill becomes a law, the branches of government, and the Bill of Rights. 

With this newfound knowledge, students will respect the work and effort of different people in society. It also aids in the exciting possibility of forming their careers at a young age.


Helping Students Learn More About Their Country

With our lyrics, your students can learn about the states and capitals in the United States to the bill of rights by president James Madison. In addition to the US, these lessons are packed with information about other continents to increase their knowledge of the world that surrounds them. 



The Founding of America

From slaves to businessmen and scholars to ordinary folk, America was built upon the backs and shoulders of hardworking men and women. Mind Muzic explores both the positive and negative effects that influenced the laying of America’s foundation. Students will get the opportunity to study great people like Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of America, who helped develop the nation through various contributions such as bifocals, the lightning rod, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States. They will also discover the shockingly dark origins of slavery and then see how Abraham Lincoln enacted measures to abolish it with his famous Emancipation Proclamation.  


Explore Different Expeditions

With Mind Muzic, you will help your students discover several expeditions, what influenced them, what became of them, and how they ultimately contributed to America. Our historical rap songs detail epic stories such as Lewis and Clark, the California Gold Rush, and the introduction of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Foster a Sense of Duty and Responsibility

In general, history lessons are designed to educate students on the varied jobs and expected requirements of the people in our society. Through Mind Muzic, your students will understand their role as individuals and the roles of other vital members such as the President of the United States. This also enables them to understand the contributions they can make after completing their necessary education.


Make Mind Muzic Your Lesson Companion

Mind Muzic is hailed by teachers and parents around the world. Make us your trusted companion in guiding and instructing your students while simultaneously creating a healthy learning environment.



Each lesson includes a Song, Lyric Sheet, Instrumental & Quiz! 

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