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The world is full of men and women who defied all odds and tried to make the world a better place. Learning about great people through Mind Muzic proves to your students that hard work and dedication can lead to an extraordinary life.  Listen to their stories and accomplishments as told through catchy and memorable, fact-filled hip-hop songs.


Music to Understand Their Contribution to History

In school, your students will learn about notable figures like Fredrick Douglas and his contribution to women’s rights and the uplifting of the black community. They will also receive an in-depth view of notable figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and his work in influencing the end of racial prejudice. With Mind Muzic, we detail these influential accomplishments and their important dates through well-crafted rap songs for students to expand upon their current comprehension. 


Music to Explore the Economy

Teach your class the importance of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reforms, his methods of handling recession, and how it impacted the growth of our country.  Studying the economic history of the United States, students will be compelled to improve their own society through smart, brave, and selfless actions like their predecessors. 




Music to Study Science

Introduce your students to the contributors of science through hip-hop. Watch them discover Albert Einstein’s photoelectric effect, the contentious relationship between Thomas Edison and Tesla, and how all of their achievements opened up ground-breaking new ways to the development of our current technology.  Then, weigh-in on the French philosopher, Nostradamus, and the accuracy of his Les Prophéties. 



Music to Study Global Movements

When ordinary people believe in the need for drastic change, a world movement can erupt from what once began as a small idea.  With Mind Muzic, your class will learn the unstoppable impact of these notable figures; people who greatly influenced millions of men and women through their heroic deeds.  Our songs cover pivotal historic moments such as Nelson Mandela’s fight to end Apartheid to FDR’s new deal for America.


Muzic for Your Great People Lessons

Men and women like Jackie Robinson and Sally Ride were able to engage others through their exceptional actions in different fields, baseball and space exploration, respectively. By integrating music into your lesson plans, you will also quickly engage your students as they re-discover the greatest contributors of our time. Try out our FREE 30-day trial and join teachers and parents from around the world who are using music to educate and captivate their classrooms. 



Each lesson includes a Song, Lyric Sheet, Instrumental & Quiz! 

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