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Does anyone have access to my credit card information when I sign up for a subscription or trial?

No. Your full credit card information is never revealed because our web design only displays the last four digits (for member verification purposes). Furthermore, all transactions are secured by our SSL system. 

What exactly is included with my subscription?

Great question. Everything we create is immediately available once it comes to our website. It’s an all-access membership! 

How can the “Membership Opportunity” page benefit me?

We started this program for families who are facing financial hardship through this difficult time. When a new subscriber purchases our Special Offer, we simultaneously give a FREE subscription to a member of our community who signed up through this program. 

Do you share our personal information with anyone?

No, we will never share your information with a third- party.

How many people can log into my Mind Muzic account subscription?

All accounts are designed for individual use or Front-of-Classroom use. Accounts are non-transferable. It is strictly prohibited to share your email & password with another user. Those who are found violating this rule could result in an account suspension and/or termination. We kindly ask that you please be respectful. 

Do you have access to my account passwords?

No. When you sign up, you will be given a computer generated password. If it is ever misplaced, you can also reset your password as many times as you would like.  

Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase a two year subscription for $124.99, you also give a free two year subscription for a friend you choose or it will be given to a family who cannot afford our program at this time.

Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase a 12-month subscription for only $99, you will also be giving a FREE membership to a family who simply cannot afford our program at this time.

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