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English is a widely spoken and written language in America. Teaching English is an important task because it allows your students with the right tools to communicate, not just in America, but also all around the world. Learning this language is a critical part of your students’ development. Typically, English lessons will cover many areas both written and verbal. From nouns to popular phrases, our music is a great tool to use along with your own lesson plans for productive sessions in class or at home.

Shakespeare 1564 - 1616

Music to Make Learning Exciting and Easy

You can use educational music to supplement your teaching and engage your students. Through comprehensive lessons, learners will understand the different rules and requirements of the English language. Mind Muzic creates easy-to-learn rap songs that your students will request to sing during class. Or here’s an idea – try using it as background music during a study session!

Music to Increase Fluency

With several lessons listed integrated into our English lesson plan, we cover most aspects of the language. Each one is explained using catchy, detailed lyrics so that learners can absorb elements such as prefixes, suffixes, correct sentence structures, phrases and clauses, literary themes, grammar tenses and much more.

Music Samples


Music to Make Better Writers

With Mind Muzic, your students have the opportunity to learn how to write properly through music. You can use our lessons together with your notes to help your students form proper sentences through a detailed sentence structure hip-hop song. The Research Paper Element rap will help your students learn the fundamentals of writing readable research papers within different fields. Furthermore, they will identify how to write proper essays and set the perfect plots for their characters. 

Gain access to over 150 lessons for History, Science, English, Math, Vocabulary, Great People, Great Literature, War Collection and Black History for grades K-12!

History on American Literature

Discover an in-depth view of the origin of the American English, the pioneers of the language, and how much it has evolved. Through music, your class will learn about outliers like William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill and their incredible contribution to literature.  Also, rediscover with your students the change in old American ways with William Lloyd Garrison and how Harriet Beecher Stowe expressed her ideas on the abolition of slavery.  

Geoffrey Chaucer 1340's - 1400.

Music to Teach Important Life Skills

Education is about preparing learners with enough techniques to survive in the outside world. Mind Muzic helps students understand skills such as public speaking, how to write resumes and applications, and incorporate the basic understanding of Spanish. Our music will also equip your students with enough tools to help them thrive during adulthood.

Exploring Mythology and Ancient Greek History

Watch your students grasp interesting topics such as Greek gods, religion, and wars.  With stories as legendary as the Trojan Horse, our fascination for Greek mythology has been a part of our civilization for nearly 3,000 years. 

Seize this opportunity to start a discussion of different cultures and histories while learning how they influenced the modern way of life. When your students rap about Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite, they will also reach new heights of class participation! 


Gauge Your Students’ Progress

Questions on each topic are a great way to test whether your students have properly prepared. Every lesson comes with a set of quizzes to help you understand the individualized student’s level of comprehension.  Try out our FREE 30-day trial today with the English lesson plan and join thousands of teachers who are making their classrooms a more engaging place to learn.


Gain access to over 150 lessons for History, Science, English, Math, Vocabulary, Great People, Great Literature, War Collection and Black History for grades K-12!

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