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Black History is an important part of American History. Since the first black man landed in South Carolina as a slave in 1526, the black community continues to play a critical role in the development of the American nation. One of the most creative ways for students to learn about black history and origin is through music integrated with Black history lessons.  Mind Muzic integrates lessons of the black community and their contribution to America through catchy and memorable lyrics for an easy learning process.

Music to Remember Important Dates in History

Certain dates signify events that shaped the black community and played a significant role in our lives and nation. Showing your students the importance of understanding and remembering these dates is crucial in spreading awareness to the milestones black leaders and the black community at large were able to accomplish. With Mind Muzic, your students will learn about the March of Washington (1963) that saw Martin Luther King Jr. lead thousands of black people towards Birmingham to protest racism. By further examining those same lyrics, they will also discover 1968 as the year he was assassinated by James Earl Ray. 

Music to Address Prejudices at a Young Age

Children are acutely aware of any differences between people, especially those with color. With our hip-hop songs, they will examine racial discrimination and bigotry by engaging in black history discussions. Introducing your children and students to black culture allows them to learn the significant impact the black community made on American history. 


Black History Lessons on Notable People

There are several prominent black figures who went above and beyond to make a name for themselves by creating considerable change within their communities. These men and women defied all odds by their respective societies and progressed to change peoples’ ideas about the value of black human life. Encourage your students to learn about women such as the great female Civil War doctor, Mary Walker. Then study famous pioneers as Sandra O’Connor in the supreme court and media mogul/ philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey.  As they continue their own studies, your students will enjoy rapping along with the lessons of great freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as great orators like Frederick Douglas who called for the abolition of slavery. 


Music to Increase General Knowledge

Lessons from the Countries of Africa to the Civil Rights Movement will further illustrate the journey the black community endured from the time they landed on American shores to our present day. Mind Muzic’s collection of songs mention notable people, countries, events, tribulations, and triumphs of the black community.

Mind Muzic for Black History Class

Music, when used to teach, has a great impact on children and their learning ability. At Mind Muzic, we take the time to make each song both enjoyable and informative. Your students will have a great time singing highly descriptive lyrics while learning new, exciting topics at the same time. Make use of our black history lessons and join thousands of teachers and parents just like you!



Each lesson includes a Song, Lyric Sheet, Instrumental & Quiz! 

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