Engage Your
Students with Music!


Includes 24 enlightening songs to help students realize why history is still important.

Includes 25 stimulating songs to encourage students to increase their knowledge of science.

Includes 18 grammar-building songs to help with advancing students use of everyday English.

This lesson plan includes 21 number crunching songs to encourage students with overall math skills.

This lesson plan includes 15 word-bending songs to encourage students to increase their vocabulary.

Includes 17 energizing songs to inspire kids and ignite their imaginations.

Includes 8 songs that cover Black History and the important figures of the civil rights movement.

This work-pack includes 11 songs for students to learn about several of the greatest books ever written.

Includes 13 musical biographies to educate students on some of the most important figures of our past.

This lesson plan includes 10 of the most horrific American Wars in human history.