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C E O 

Kristopher Kaltenbach


Mind Muzic began when my mom asked me to create a hip-hop version of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK for my nephews to help them remember their states and capitals. We never thought that one song would explode into the catalogue you see before you today. Our amazing team has worked diligently to bring Mind Muzic directly to homes and schools across the world.  We can’t wait to show you what’s next as this is only the beginning. Thank you for all the love and support!

~ Kristopher Kaltenbach 

Mind Muzic is dedicated to Corey & Cameron Leavell.


Johnny Vallone

Content Creator | Songwriter

Sanyika Street

Songwriter | Motivational Speaker

Alexander Ferro

Actor | Songwriter

Mariana Novak

Actress | Model

Moses Isael

Film Producer

Taylor D. Hill

Songwriter | Producer

Dave Sherman

Producer | Audio Engineer

Julio Hanson

Principal | Artist | Songwriter

Dara Miller

Disc Jockey | Producer | Audio Engineer

Maurice Dow

Songwriter | Producer

Anthony Warfield

Golden Robot | Advertising

LakotaWind Jimenez


Sione Konilli Latu


Christopher Johnson


Alyssa Rayomie Tibbs

Actress | Songwriter

Devin Wright

Illustrator | Film Editor

Nick Sabia

Artist | Producer

Ayo Ide


Rahn G. Porter

Songwriter | Artist

Ted Johnson

Artist | Producer | Film Editor

Terrance Joesph


Don Esrom


Waqar Ahmed

Paid Media Strategist

Tiffany Jones

Digital Project Manager

Jonathan Byrd

Artist | Songwriter

Elvis E. Salic

Graphic Designer

JeRome Tarvar


Evan Nettingham

Songwriter | Artist

Matt White



Andrew Mcfarlane

Producer | Artist

Courtney Heinz

Songwriter | Artist

Lance Davis

Songwriter | Artist

Alonzo Howard


Tsuyoshi Takayanagi




Ryan Fitzgerald


Te'Aven Warfield


Tyrone Stokes

Artist | Graphic Designer

Dameron Hughes

Producer | Audio Engineer

Gabrielle Carreiro

Digital PR Manager

Pascal Guyon

Producer | Audio Engineer

Victor Pontes-Montes

Artist | Performer

Ben Thompson

Producer | Drummer

Brandie Owusu-Spencer

Disc Jockey | Promoter

Natalie Garavelli

Voiceover Artist | Model

Fro Broz

Artist | Dance Performers

Anton Reynolds


Christopher Jones

Web Developer

Deloren Black

Producer | Musician

Brandon Eiden

Producer | Researcher

Jennifer Tapia

Songwriter | Producer


Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase a two year subscription for the reduced cost of $124.99, you also give a free two year subscription for a friend you choose or it will be given to a family who cannot afford it.

Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase 12-months of Mind Muzic for the reduced cost of only $29.99, you will also be giving a FREE membership to a family who simply cannot afford it at this time.

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