Mind Muzic - Education Through Music. Mind Muzic Makes Learning Fun & Engaging.

Mind Muzic is an award winning educational hip-hop music program that teaches school lesson plans for grades k-12.


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Mind Muzic teaches precisely what kids are learning in school today through music. Imagine your favorite songs combined with educational lyrics.

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Mind Muzic lessons align with the Common Core Standards. Mind Muzic keeps students interested & engaged when learning a new subject. 

Over 150 Topics for K-12

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We have amazing producers cooking up some fresh new beats for you right now. If you’re an artist, songwriter, or just curious about new music – drop us a line!

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When you purchase a two year subscription for the reduced cost of $124.99, you also give a free two year subscription for a friend you choose or it will be given to a family who cannot afford it.

Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase 12-months of Mind Muzic for the reduced cost of only $29.99, you will also be giving a FREE membership to a family who simply cannot afford it at this time.

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