Access the coolest Hip-Hop Rap Lessons on the internet.

Drives Student Creativity

Drives Student Creativity

Music engages students easily to master content thru rhythm and rhyme. 

Classroom Integration

Increase Class Engagement

Whether virtually teaching or in a class environment using Mind Muzic makes it fun.

Improve Grades & Vocabulary

Improve Grades & Vocabulary

Our lessons align with state & national standards for 6th-12th grade curriculum.

Interactive Learning with Music & Video

Improves and promotes memory retention. 


Mom's Choice Award Logo


Numerous awards like the Parent & Teacher Choice Award and Mom's Choice Award!


Mind Muzic has a team of over 50 musicians, producers, songwriters, editors & teachers that help produce every lesson!

Mind Muzic began when my mom called me when I was deployed overseas in the army. She asked me to create a hip-hop version of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK for my nephews to help them remember their states and capitals. We never thought that one song would explode into the catalogue you see before you today. 

~ Kristopher Kaltenbach C E O  

lessons align with national standards

Engaging Content for Virtual Learning

Spark Student Interest & Creativity!


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Here is how you can help your community...

When you purchase a 12-month subscription for only $99, you will also be giving a FREE membership to a family who simply cannot afford our program at this time.

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